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Experience seamless web design at Gruk. Our team blends creativity and functionality to craft visually stunning websites, ensuring a captivating online presence for your brand.

Our All In One Service

With our new All-in-One service, forget about hiring hosting, creating web pages or buying domains, we do it all! And not only that. Our service includes maintenance to ensure that the website is up to date and working properly.

This service is recommended for small and medium sized companies that do not have the time or knowledge to create functional and professional websites.

All our websites are 100% responsive.

#1 Domain

You choose the domain, we buy it (as long as it is not already taken).

#2 Hosting

We hire and maintain a Premium Hosting.

#3 Design

We create your WordPress website with all the configurations, including premium themes and following all your requirements.

#4 Access

We give you full access to the website.

#5 Maintenance

We check and monitor the website often to make sure it is always working properly. We update WordPress, plugins and themes. We solve any problems that may arise.

#6 SEO

We apply the best SEO strategies to your website in order to increase visibility in search engines (Google, Bing…).

Why our All-In-One service is the best choice for small and medium-sized businesses

A unique service in the market to help you in the whole process of digitalization of your business. We create and take care of your website to help you increase your sales.


Time Saving

We do all the work for you. While other agencies constantly require actions from clients, our goal is that you just focus on your business.


A Team For You

We help you with any problem that may arise, either during the website creation process or afterwards. We are more than just a design agency.


Save Costs

With our monthly subscriptions, forget about paying large amounts without knowing the future of the project. Save costs, spend safely.



We make sure that your site works properly and is always available. We make the changes and modifications you want. We avoid security problems and perform the necessary regular updates.

Can I use a domain other than .com?

Yes, you can choose any other domain as long as it is the same or lower price than a .com domain.

Can I break the service at any time?

You can stop using this service only after 6 months. After that, we assist you in transferring all the material (domain and website) to you personally. Even after 6 months, the cost of our service is still cheaper than any one-time payment from many agencies.

Is it possible to build any type of website?

The only type of website that does not include this service are stores.

What is maintenance all about?

Creating a website is only the first step, but maintenance is equally if not more important. Making sure the website is secure and updating plugins/WordPress often is vital.

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